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Developing a diverse range of dairy subscription products

Cheesemix’s journey started with countryside adventures. We appreciate the beauty of the British landscape and it’s conservation. We support the craftsmanship of artisan cheese in the UK through independent farms and dairies which preserves land for future generations. Our long term vision is to create innovative dairy products that challenge and improve the industry.

Co-Founder of Cheesemix - Amy Marks

For friends + Family

We want to be part of a moment that brings people together. To make you momentarily stop what you're doing and take stock of what is good around you. 

Our inspiration was taken from a co-founders farm in Devon. Over the years it has become the norm to entertain and introduce friends to the delights of local artisan produce from around the area. This has created many memorable moments. 

Our hope is that you will enjoy and share a cube with friends or family.

Supporting Dairies

From the outset we meet with our suppliers and get to know them personally. We buy directly from farmers and independent dairies who receive a competitive price for their quality produce.

We visit each dairy who supply to us and witness first hand how the cheese is made. 

Ethical + Environmental

We only choose producers and suppliers that look after their livestock to a high standard of living conditions and animal lifestyle.

It is also important that our producers maintain a high standard for handling food. From early production to consignment. This includes our fulfilment process for picking and packing our produce we supply.

The Founders

Our long term vision is to create innovative products that challenge and improve the dairy industry. Amy Marks comes with a background in ecommerce and marketing. Her favourite cheese is Sharpham Cremet from Devon. Duncan Forbes comes with a background in software/ web development and marketing. His favourite cheese is Rachel from Somerset.

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