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Introducing the cheesecube.

Delicious cheese to your home or office. Get early access to the Pilot Heron today.

Get Early Access

The Pilot Heron is limited to 150 participants. More cubes available each month.

It's Simple

At Cheesemix selecting a Cheesecube is simple

Select The Cube

In your cheesecube you will get five artisan cheeses directly from the cheese maker and a wizard curated recipe deck. Shipped in 100% eco-friendly packaging.

The Cheesemix wizards hand select the best artisan cheeses

Receive Cheese...

Your cheese is hand selected by artisan cheese makers and shipped monthly. You receive it at it's best. Typically the shelf life will be 2-3 weeks.

With Cheesemix your cheesecube can be sent to your home or office

You're In Control

You can choose a one off cheesecube and easily pause, cancel or modify your subscriptions. You can even purchase a box over a pre-paid set of months.

Quality Cheese.

Our cheese comes directly from the cheese maker giving you the quality and convenience of the deli. From dairy to doorstop. 


Where it came from? Who made it?


What's used in production?

Producers History

What's the producers story?

Open Provenance.

We care where our products come from. So tracking the provenance of our products to your door is key to giving you confidence in the quality of our products.


Where it came from? Who made it?


What was used in production?

Producers History

What is the producers story?

Cheesemix cares and the environment and ethically sourced produce

We Care.

Cheesemix believes in ethical production methods and is environmentally conscious. We consider each stage to reduce impact on the world we live in today and protect our future. From the way our produce is sent through the supply chain to how it is packaged in 100% recyclable materials. 

Cheesemix fresh artisan cheese guaranteed

Freshness Guaranteed

We have recyclable packaging designed to keep your food at its best throughout its journey.

Cheesemix payment technologies and SSL security

Secure Payments

Using best in class EV SSL via DigiCert sitewide and payment technologies via Braintree Payments, a Paypal company.

Cheesemix happiness customer support

Customer Happiness

We are available to assist you in real-time between 8am - 11pm (GTM) daily here or via email